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Why Vote?

From education to the water we drink to our environment and our roads and bridges, every decision made by local, state, or national politicians impacts everyone in one way or another. 


Elections give us an opportunity to use our voice in a democracy. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of young people (ages 18 to 25) vote. If young voters show up and vote in this next election, they can be the majority and chart the path of the future; their voices can make a difference. 

A successful democracy is dependent on citizen representation and participation - all citizens.  Registering to vote is one of the first steps to engage in democracy, followed by getting educated and showing up to vote. Our elected officials are "public servants", paid with our tax dollars, working to represent our voice in government. Young people have the power (if they choose to use it).  Why not vote?

Vote and Get Engaged! 

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